Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sammy J's Grill & Bar

A short time ago I returned from a business trip to Vancouver. Working in construction my whole life, "Business trip" still sounds quite strange to me; the furthest I had traveled for work was an hour away to build a house...

Back to basics. The aim of this business adventure was to film a Vancouver favorite "bar and grill" establishment named "Sammy J's". We stopped at their first location, Coquitlam, then headed to their newly renovated Langley location after eating the most unique and flavorful sandwich I have ever experienced in my life, The Lobster Grilled Cheese. The truth is, they have the freshest and best quality meats and cheeses in Canada. Trust me when I say that you could tell after one bite.

The main concept behind this post is to give Sammy J's props. I was just the guy brought down to film and edit a commercial, but fell in love with every tiny detail about the place. The meals I ate were of the utmost quality and should be served in billion-dollar steakhouses, the waitresses were beautiful and sincerely nice, and the atmosphere and people I encountered were people I could be around day and night.

Without further ado, here's the commercial, which can also be found on the home page of their website located here------------> Sammy J's Website

If you ever visit Vancouver, I HIGHLY recommend stopping by Sammy J's Grill & Bar for a few drinks and a bite to eat (Lobster Grilled Cheese) to taste some of the amazing food that head chef, Jay Baker has invented.

If you manage to make it down, find Mike or Steve, two of the nicest and most fun guys I've ever met. Oh, did I mention that they own Sammy J's? And to answer your question: Yes. They love to party.

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