Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Icelandic Festival Video

Just finished a video for the Icelandic Festival (Islendingadagurinn). It was tons of fun to film and even more fun to edit. I do wish I had more time for editing, but I was on a tight schedule. There are quite a few things I would've fixed up. Oh well! Enjoy.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Music Video | New Job

      I've recently finished a little video for the music label, "I'm Trying Records". In doing so, I have been offered quite an interesting job. I'll tell you all about that after you watch the video. It's a simple one because of one fact; I filmed it myself and the shotgun mic was connected to the wide-angle cam; therefore, I had to stay near it, as I needed to monitor the input audio.

       Now, watch and enjoy the musical stylings of Mr. Micah Erenberg a.k.a. Zoppa on the rooftops of downtown Winnipeg. I'm quite happy with how the color-correction turned out. Also, turn on HD!

      Alright. Down to business. I'm Trying Records has officially introduced me to the managerial world of music. I will be working alongside the three, quite talented co-founders, Kevin Mozdzen, Corey Hykawy, and Ben Figler. My secondary tasks will be bookings, follow-ups, and all-around helping out with whatever needs to be done; my primary job is producing media-based content for the trio (now a foursome) of musical aficionados.

      So head on over to I'm Trying Record's blog and see what they have to say. You can click the circular logo to your left, I've linked them above, or you can click HERE. Keep the spirit!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First Post

         Just got back from New Zealand and Japan, only to work for another construction company, where the building choked the life out of you, day by day. SO I QUIT THAT SHIT! I am now a stray that was picked up off the street by the Cruise Media Group. They needed a video producer/designer/awesome person, and I needed money. Third floor of the Whiskey Dix building. Come on down and visit sometime. We'll play some soccer in the office, as usual.